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Since 1 October, 2006, there has been new fire safety rules that have come into effect in all non-domestic premises in England and Wales. Now, the new reforms means that the responsibility for fire safety is now firmly placed on the person who owns that premises.

We have a range of fire safety solutions to help makes sure your premises is compliant with the new reforms as outlined in the Fire Safety Legislation. Some of our solutions include intumescent coatings and fire board encasements.

Fire safety is now more important than ever so you need to know that there is a reliable solution that will make sure that you are maintaining your responsibilities as the owner and avoid any potential legal ramifications in the future. We can provide you with solutions that are complaint with the latest reforms to Fire Safety Legislation.

If you would like more thorough information on all aspects of Fire Safety then the following Government departments can help you:

Department for Communities and Local Government

Fire Gateway

HSE – ‘Fire Safety, an employers guide’

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